The Founders

Mark Bloemendaal, CEO

As an implementation specialist, Mark launched his own company in 2012: Implementation IQ, later renamed as SmartRollout. In practice he has often seen that innovations fail to reach the finishing line because the implementation path is too complicated or too broad in scope.

Mark developed SmartRollout software based on his vision of innovations and their implementation. In the process, he has come up with a unique solution to systematically tackle roll-out issues.

With SmartRollout, Mark is opening new doors in healthcare, finance, government and industry. These sectors face major challenges when it comes to broad roll-outs now that innovations are the order of the day.

Any questions? E-mail Mark directly at or call +31 (0)6 523 04 577.

Mark Bloemendaal MBA

Mark has held various board and management positions in the field of technical innovation and business development. He graduated from Delft University of Technology and later completed his MBA at the British Open University. In 2012 he graduated cum laude for the Medical Sciences for Engineers minor at Medical Delta.

Robbert Bloemendaal, Director Consultancy

From the very beginning, Robbert has helped build Implementation IQ and SmartRollout as a partner. He focuses on the content and use of SmartRollout software. Robbert communicates effectively, can switch quickly and knows how to respond properly to clients’ requirements. He also gladly passes on his knowledge to others, both internally and externally.

As a consultant, he analyses the implementation process for the client, and then as an expert takes them through the SmartRollout method. He guides the client both in terms of content and application. He ensures that the customer gets the most out of the software by learning how to use it properly. His focus is always to ensure that SmartRollout consultancy becomes superfluous as quickly as possible.

Any questions? E-mail Robbert directly at or call +31 (0)6 212 85 211.

Robbert Bloemendaal

Robbert has worked as a policy official, and as a director of various art institutions. For 15 years he had his own company as a communications consultant and copywriter. He graduated in Art History and Art and Art Policy, and has taken various communication and interaction courses.