Shorter completion times

Large-scale roll-out projects take a long time and tend to overrun.
SmartRollout gives you the shortest lead time and fewer overruns.

First, the work scenario is designed according to the SmartRollout method and it lists all the necessary materials. As a result, the person who carries out the subproject on site using SmartRollout can do so most effectively. All this considerably shortens the completion time of the broad roll-out.

  • With SmartRollout‚Ķ
    - you work according to the progressive planning principle. In other words, you work in parallel as much as possible, adjusting to the circumstances flexibly; the output of one process step is the input for the next. This results in the shortest possible completion time.
    - you implement changes as effectively as possible based on the Adopt - Change - Embed methodology This way the process goes smoothly and you can avoid stagnation and set-backs.
    - subproject managers are supported and life is made much easier from an administrative and organisational point of view, which optimises their effectiveness.
    - you monitor real-time progress, results and involvement. You keep tight control of the process and avoid procrastination.
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