Real-time insight

It is difficult to keep an overview of large roll-out projects.
SmartRollout offers real-time insight into their status, progress and results.

Usually, it is difficult for the overarching project management and the management to get an overview of the status, progress and results of a broad roll-out. After all, a broad roll-out consists of several subprojects that are often outside the field of vision of other departments or sites. SmartRollout gives you real-time insight into the developments at all levels of the broad roll-out. Thanks to automatic analyses, dashboards and well-laid-out reports, nothing will escape you – and it only requires a minimum of effort on your part.

With SmartRollout…
- you can see the results, progress and costs of all subprojects in real-time on your desktop.
- trends and anomalies are identified early on.
- you gain insight into the effectiveness of each subproject manager.
- management keeps a grip on the broad roll-out.