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With SmartRollout you can implement projects on a large scale, successfully and without any worries. You can do so using our Workbench, a software suite that consists of six specialized tools that work in tandem.


The work scenario for a broad roll-out process is designed in Designer. Designer then plays a pivotal role in honing the broad roll-out during its implementation. By doing so, it irons out problems and the broad roll-out goes more and more smoothly as a result. Designer is used by the client’s implementation experts who are trained in how to use it and are assisted by SmartRollout consultants as and when required.


Manager offers project managers in charge of the broad roll-out a real-time overview and progress analyses for all local projects. Anomalies in the average progress of projects are revealed immediately. You can then zoom in on the finer details of local projects.


Assistant supports the best possible implementation of a roll-out at one particular location and offers the local project manager a digital work scenario and all the necessary resources for an optimal local roll-out. Assistant knows how to engage with large groups of inexperienced users with its excellent user interface.


The Portal is for everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the project. It offers an overview, insight and interconnectedness. The Portal is specially designed for the project and is on the internet. You can opt to have open and closed sections as required.


The management and administration of the broad roll-out is done via Admin. This is the back office for the entire project that ensures time savings, quality and control.


SmartRollout consultants use Analyzer to identify and list the people involved in the roll-out in advance. Analyzer provides insight into what it is that motivates and prevents all those involved from embracing and supporting the innovation during the roll-out. This way, Analyzer provides the starting point for this support using the project scenario.

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