implementatie uitrollen


Om U 3.0

The care pathway programme OM U 3.0, which focuses on frail elderly, was developed in the Utrecht District. General practitioners, district nurses and welfare workers cooperate with one another within OM U 3.0 in such a way that medical and welfare aspects are integrated as effectively as possible. The implementation of the programme is a complicated puzzle, and SmartRollout offers a solution.

Quality of life
OM U 3.0 delivers proactive integrated care. ‘Proactive’ means identifying problems as soon as possible and ‘integrated’ means that the focus is on medical as well as welfare aspects. As a result, elderly people are less likely to end up in hospital or in distressing circumstances. It means better quality of life for the elderly and substantial savings on healthcare costs.

The challenge
It requires a huge organisation to ensure that medical healthcare providers and welfare staff work well together. This is particularly the case when it is on a large scale, such as in a city like Utrecht or countrywide at a later stage. This is also apparent from the work scenario that SmartRollout developed together with the Julius Centre and Huisartsen Utrecht Stad, the GP network in the City of Utrecht: it encompasses no fewer than 4 phases and 13 steps comprising 48 different activities. All of which are necessary to really get proactive integrated care for the elderly off the ground.