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Our Cases

Mantelkring and OpenjeHart

LWPC (Liane Wolfert Personal Coaching and her team) has developed two successful methodologies aimed at people who are in vulnerable positions in society. On the face of it, these programmes aim to provide people with a carefree and optimum experience. But behind the scenes, it involves an enormous administration and organisation..

Bureau LWPC is making great strides with its social OpenjeHart and Mantelkring social programmes. For both programmes, Bureau LWPC organizes activities such as walks, themed meetings and weekend outings, which encourages the participants to participate socially and get support from the others within their group.

A huge challenge

Having grown to include 22 groups and more than 600 participants in various cities, it is quite a challenge. Yet this is only the beginning: the intention is that within the foreseeable future hundreds of groups with thousands of participants will participate in the programmes.

By configuring the large-scale roll-out in SmartRollout software – on a project basis as well as from an administrative perspective – Bureau LWPC’s back office can stay small. At the same time, the service offered to the participants on a large scale is implemented flawlessly. Moreover, using SmartRollout, Bureau LWPC can ‘withstand’ its imminent success: a growing number of municipalities want to see the LWPC approach rolled out in the short term.

"In a short space of time, more and more municipalities have been asking for our social programmes, Mantelkring and OpenjeHart. SmartRollout makes a broad-based roll-out, followed by ongoing use, possible."

Liane Wolfert