Lower costs

Broad roll-out projects are expensive and can soon exceed the budget.
SmartRollout offers you lower costs and more control.

The SmartRollout work scenario is reused in all subprojects. The investment in this is recovered because these subprojects are now implemented efficiently and effectively. This results in lower costs: less money, less effort and less lost working time for all those involved in the project. Subproject managers as well as the overarching project management work using SmartRollout software. As a result, problems are identified early and adjustments can be made proactively. Opportunities to save time and effort are quickly and widely shared. This way, not only do you control the costs, but you can often reduce them further during the roll-out.

With SmartRollout you…
- reuse the work scenario and the materials in all subprojects.
- minimise project supervision.
- minimise the drain on the working hours of those involved.
- monitor the costs and effort of all subprojects very efficiently and in real-time.
- can respond to complications quickly with targeted support.
- translate experiences into improvements that you immediately roll out across all subprojects.

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