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Pit Strategie has developed an intensive programme to maximise the reduction of dependence on benefits in social services. After previous successes in several municipalities, Pit is facing the challenge of rolling out the programme countrywide in the Netherlands.

Pit Strategie advises and relieves social services in the administration of processes aimed at reducing dependence on benefits. To this end, Pit has developed a pioneering approach with its ‘Jelloo’ programme, one that specifically targets people who have poor employment prospects and who have to contend with a multitude of problems. The programme encourages and trains people in such a way that many of them manage to find a job and keep it.

Firstly, it takes a substantial organisation to set up a complex programme like this properly. Subsequently, it is important to ensure consistent quality assurance during the implementation. To make this possible, Pit Strategie has configured all operational activities, including the contracting, preparation, implementation and completion of the project, in SmartRollout software.

It comprises an extensive process with four phases and 43 subprojects that are crucial to the success of the Jelloo programme. SmartRollout makes it possible to keep a grip on this process, allowing Pit Strategie to use the programme repeatedly while maintaining the required high standards.

"At municipalities, we ensure that there has been a significant reduction of dependence on benefits through employment. Implementing our approach is very complex, but we have it under control thanks to SmartRollout."

Mirjam Robart

(PIT Strategie)