Implement innovations successfully and without worries using SmartRollout software.

What we do

SmartRollout helps organisations to implement new methods, products or systems on a large scale. All steps of an implementation project are easily recorded in the intelligent SmartRollout software.

When rolling out to decentralised organisations, like branches or departments, local project managers can use the app to see exactly what is expected of them. With clear deadlines, and all the instructions and documentation. Project managers get real-time insight into progress and bottlenecks. Programme managers and management can see the project’s status at a glance by simply checking the dashboard.

For a long time we thought that implementing projects properly meant hiring more expensive consultants. Now we know that SmartRollout’s learning software accelerates implementations radically, reducing the risk of failure and we ourselves are in control.

Where SmartRollout is applied

SmartRollout zorgdomein

Care sector

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maakindustrie finance


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The advantages of SmartRollout

Greater chance of success

Many large-scale roll-out projects run aground.Based on an integrated approach, SmartRollout increases the chances of success substantially.

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Shorter completion times

Large-scale roll-out projects take a long time and tend to overrun. SmartRollout gives you the shortest lead time and fewer overruns.

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Lower costs

Broad roll-out projects are expensive and can soon exceed the budget. SmartRollout offers you lower costs and more control.

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Real-time insight

It is difficult to keep an overview of large roll-out projects. SmartRollout offers real-time insight into their status, progress and results.

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SmartRollout users say…

  • At municipalities, we ensure that there has been a significant reduction of dependence on benefits through employment. Implementing our approach is very complex, but we have it under control thanks to SmartRollout.
    Mirjam Robart
    (PIT Strategie)
  • GPs and pharmacists are able to provide better care to the elderly thanks to our STRIP Assistant software program. The national roll-out to 3,000 GPs is only feasible if we use SmartRollout.
    Remco Spruit
    (Universiteit Utrecht)
  • In a short space of time, more and more municipalities have been asking for our social programmes, Mantelkring and OpenjeHart. SmartRollout makes a broad-based roll-out, followed by ongoing use, possible.
    Liane Wolfert